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Vending and Retail

A Mir. Penny Outlet is a vending machine with a twist. Have you ever
wondered, if you were ever going to use those dusty pennies at the
bottom of your pocket, or underneath your bed, or in the creases and
crevices in the car? Penny Brotherz, MIPO Machines gives everyone the
ability to Spend A Penny, When You See A Penny. MIPO Machines
accepts all forms of payments, coins, and bills. A MIPO Machine is
literally a MINI STORE.

MIPO’s are the first vending machines on the
market designed to accept pennies and soon EBT cards. Our
philosophy on vending necessity for PENNIES allows; EMPLOYEES,
CLIENTS, PATIENTS, and STUDENTS with the opportunity to take full
advantage of the vast majority of PENNIES that lie doormat.

Get to Know Us

Follow your heart create peace, fall in love with innovation, enjoy the little things, dream big, believe in miracles, discover your passion, embrace every possibility and believe that being different is a blessing.


Penny Brotherz will teach, discipline, and outline the importance of investing, technology, innovation, change and Brotherhood (unity). Penny Brotherz will be the difference, allowing people to spend the unwanted. We believe that people underestimate the ‘Power of the Penny” and don’t realize that such small things can lead to such great success. Our purpose is not to penny pinch America, but to allow Americans the ability to purchase the necessities of life with a coin that is widely overlooked.

Why the “Z”? Is a question that is often proposed to our company no, “Brotherz” is not a typo, but a statement! The “Z” represents our spiritual belief in the Christian Faith Matthew 20:16 “The last shall be first, and the first shall be last, for many are called, but few chosen”. The infamous “Z” is a reminder to everyone that success itself chose us. ​


Virtual EBT Processing People

Feature Coming Soon!!

Credit/Debit Card Acceptance

MIPO accepts all debt and credit cards.

Penny Coin Mechs

MIPO accepts pennies!!!

While there are plenty of advanced vending machines out there, few systems intergrate all aspects of operating a vending machine like our IQ TECHNOLOGY does. This powerful product provides a variety of benefits to customers and MIPO operators. Managers can access important machine info from anywhere, while consumers enjoy a more personalized expieriance than ever before. From providing unprecidented security for retail purchases to securing a stock pile of supplies specifically related to the environment in wich your MIPO is placed. Our IQ TECHNOLOGY has limitless potential and can change the way we buy, sell, store and borrow goods. Managing a vending machine can sometimes be overwhelming given the rapidly evolving nature of custom vending machines. IQ TECHNOLOGY brings the entire concept together with a vast amount of intuitive features. Whatever you choose to vend on your new endeavor, this technology will make everything easier for you

What’s a penny worth?

Penny Brotherz’ uniqueness is centered around several key technology components that aren’t currently being advocated in the vending market. Penny Brotherz technology capability to accept PENNIES in vending machines allows the company to embark on a market that ALL vending companies run from.

Penny Brotherz vending strategy allows the lower-socio economy a sustainable platform during economically challenged times. Penny Brotherz, VEPP (Virtual EBT Processing People) Z Readers are mag swipe devices designed for vending machines to accept government-issued food cards/SNAP.

How It Workz

For business owners with one (1) location, there is no charge for a machine. This extra source of income requires no investment. If you have sufficient foot traffic, take advantage of this offer and receive 1% of the profit share monthly.

For business owners with five (5) or more locations, there is a $25,000 fee required. This executive partnership yields a 25% profit share until the initial investment is recouped. Afterward, those executive partners will receive a 5% profit share monthly.

Start by filling in our form and a representative will get back to you. Click the button below.

Level 1 :

Location Hub

For Business Owners with one (1) Location

Cost for a Machine: Free, no charge

Profit: 1% monthly share

Level 2 :

Executive Partnership

For Business Owners with five (5) or more locations

Cost for Machinez: $25,000

Profit: 25% monthly share until recouped, 5% monthly share thereafter

Want to buy a machine?

Stock your own products or purchase products to sell. All machines will accept the penny. Purchasing a MIPO makes the buyer a Franchizee!

Mir Penny Slim and Trim


Custom Wrap for Branding
($500 In free inventory)

Snack Machine


Custom Wrap for Branding
($750.00 In free inventory)

Combo Machine


Includes refrigeration
($1K in free inventory)

Digital Touchscreen


Includes Ad revenue
($1.2K In free inventory)

Q & A

Common questions and answers.

What exactly is a MIPO?

A Mir. Penny Outlet (MIPO) is a convenience store in a box.

Do MIPOs accept just PENNIES?

No. MIPOs accept quarters, nickels, dimes, $1 Bills, $5 Bills, $10 Bills, debit and credit
cards. Soon MIPOs will have the authorization to accept SNAP/EBT as well!

Will MIPOs be stocked to sell food?

Yes. Only items that will not interfere with your target market.

What will be sold in MIPOs?

MIPOs will retail a wide range of products such as; face masks, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, disinfectant wipes, sexual protection, Tylenol, Aspirin, lighters, breathalyzers, phone chargers, mini cans of Lysol, bleach, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

Will MIPOs have digital interface?

Yes. Depending on the demographics.

Will MIPOs be accessible 24/7?

Yes. With your help Penny Brotherz will be able to have a consistent open door to safety products and the required PPE gear.

What are you wating for?